About Us

Girls Gone Forex, LLC (GGFX) is a is a financial education and technology company founded in 2016 by Robyn Mancell and Linda Faye to educate and empower women by teaching them to trade in the financial markets. 

Girls Gone Forex specializes in the largest financial market in the world, Forex. ​The Forex Market has an average daily trading volume of over 5.4 trillion dollars which is 50 times larger than the New York Stock Exchange. 

We teach you how to Trade Like A Girl! Why trade like a girl you ask?

Studies show that women tend to be better traders and investors than men. ​So WHY NOT?
Girls Gone Forex is comprised of three subsidiaries: Trade Like A Girl Foundation, Trade Like A Girl Academy and Invest Like Her.​​

Trade Like A Girl Foundation is registered as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Texas for the purpose of educating and empowering disadvantaged women of all ages, races, backgrounds and socioeconomic status globally with the knowledge, skills, mindset and technology necessary to excel in the financial markets.

Trade Like A Girl Academy is the education component of GGFX. It consists of a proprietary curriculum and Forex training program designed to turn a student with zero knowledge of the Forex markets into a disciplined Forex trader, a savvy Forex investor and/or an innovative Forex trading programmer.

Invest Like Her provides students additional tools, information and education in alternative investments and finance that can improve their financial literacy, sustainability and status.

Girls Gone Forex made its premiere debut in January 2017 accepting applications for our Forex education program. Over 100 applications were submitted, 16 of which were chosen to participate in the first offering of the Trade Like A Girl curriculum. As of December, 2017, there are over 300 students enrolled in the Trade Like A Girl Academy courses.